When the Heart Breaks

words and actions words and witnessing emotional surface tension ripples buckles, shatters mouthed “O” forms reshapes a quivering  dour smile thrusting daggered breath hoarse, rasping stutter jabbering nonsense then a low growling howl manifesting a singular translucent pearl careening down lines crevasses creases then a trickle stream a river shoulders … Continue Reading When the Heart Breaks

True Patriot Love

our home on native lands from The Rock to Haida Gwaii a true, alluring possessing realm to tread the lands one cannot forego bearing tempestuous witness steadfast mountains ethereal Laurentian forests the expansive firmament above endless prairies all magnificence exceeding bounds of human wits beneath its soils assets abound the dirty … Continue Reading True Patriot Love

Depression’s Volley

Please read the story of how Canadian Rebecca Marino stepped away from professional tennis. It must have been an agonizing decision to step away from a successful and growing career. Notice I didn’t say ‘fulfilling’. Ms. Marino is a clear example of how, in our expansive human experience, private and … Continue Reading Depression’s Volley


simmers in the belly acidic, fiery, cradled fury in wait for, a splintered door any portal liberating rage all needed, inspiration a target, person, place, thing till brutal exhaustion flushes the reservoir calm again, again © 2012 by DC Lessoway

In Good Times

when happy how poetry’s pasture barren beneath a scalding sun lies how infrequent notions, images, senses, oaths excepting mirages possibilities, though fraudulent thus standing alone staring to the sky sopping my brow pondering where gone is my creativity ©  2012 by DC Lessoway

Bear of Grief

fringing my consciousness hoary, corpulent, always waiting just outside the door its taunting, laughing growl claws bared, paws raised to strike, indiscriminately I do not give permission I do not open the door to wreak havoc upon my spirit yet unwelcoming it comes splintering the door but far worse concealed … Continue Reading Bear of Grief

War, Washes Out Good Common Sense

war, the bastard cousin of hate on winged, angry cherubs clutching immense patience out-waits peace for opportunities frequent their crooked tooth smile knowing our weakness our violent propensities brim his fiery chasm unleashing untold griefs upon a scarred landscape © 2012 by DC Lessoway

Visceral Tempest

strolling though the quieted roar a steeped, soaking rush in silence withdrawn pausing to bear afflicting sundering, bruising hailstones then upon horizon, there shading my eyes, envisage perpetual clearing skies, fringed with blackened clouds, oh how they come and come and come till discerned warmth wakes my mind to sol’s … Continue Reading Visceral Tempest

Why I love Movies

Just watched The Descendants… …and that is why I want to make movies, write scenes that cut through the bullshit of our lives and find the truth beneath the surface. To clearly display the hurt, anger, disappointment, disillusionment and the multi-faceted complications we face each day. So an audience member, … Continue Reading Why I love Movies