Opening of the Present

minutes, hours, days in full flight clouds flee as the grounded ache frittering upon, clutching the by-gone youthful, carefree, tarnishing memories believing this will change the present a palatable, explicit, desperate yearning eyes-in-the-back-of-their-head forward gander picking numbers, hoping, dreaming anticipation of a moneyed destiny believing this will change the present … Continue Reading Opening of the Present

When the Heart Breaks

words and actions words and witnessing emotional surface tension ripples buckles, shatters mouthed “O” forms reshapes a quivering  dour smile thrusting daggered breath hoarse, rasping stutter jabbering nonsense then a low growling howl manifesting a singular translucent pearl careening down lines crevasses creases then a trickle stream a river shoulders … Continue Reading When the Heart Breaks

My Substrata is Weakened

bygone cracks lay deep occasionally finding sunlight to be hidden, pasted over with deflections, denial till anew, they reappear ended, they’ll never be but healed, scars, stigma stitched, held by threads of creativity an open heart, and truth, always truth © 2013 by DC Lessoway

Present a Brave Face

gather up all the memories those magical, serendipitous rarefied instances moments stating: “this is who I am” present them to the world unfettered in gratified candor step back, smile and move on © 2013 by DC Lessoway


as we age how the outlook changes towards life, loss perhaps learned patience contains the once youthful furor perhaps cycles of at-hand experience frames a pallet mottled with joy, grief perhaps we choose, conscious or no to pause, watch, maybe make sense of the spectacle of the unworldly with a smile of woe, perhaps recollection © 2013 … Continue Reading Aging…

Canada Day 2013

my dear Canada, our home on native land how true our hearts are to this beautiful north we in the west, look to the east in worry as we graded, stand, for what is gloriously free a toe dipped in Cape Spear, or Tofino from tundra’d glory of Cape Columbia to … Continue Reading Canada Day 2013

Aboriginal Day

first a human being I befragile this flesh and boneof thought, intention, exertionsustenance and atmospheredriving mechanisms of composite chemicals and uproar then Metis coalesces my bloodupon my shoulder, since birtha braided sash of red, blue, white, green and blackfinally finds the sun, my hearthidden, too too long finally a citizen … Continue Reading Aboriginal Day

chock full of moments

moments some, you wake up, sweating from some, you shudder, grateful you made it, having escaped, dark places then comes those beautiful consistently stemming from beautiful thought, action a stranger’s benevolent gesture a smile on a stormy day collection of such moments and lessons therein extracted fashion an essence color … Continue Reading chock full of moments

I am fearful

all mediums tell me outside, there, shadows could be, would be terrorists stranger danger but the government’s on it more prisons more rules all to ensue freedom! no matter silly quibbling of elected officials I know the right side I am on the others are just wrong! isn’t it nice … Continue Reading I am fearful

True Patriot Love

our home on native lands from The Rock to Haida Gwaii a true, alluring possessing realm to tread the lands one cannot forego bearing tempestuous witness steadfast mountains ethereal Laurentian forests the expansive firmament above endless prairies all magnificence exceeding bounds of human wits beneath its soils assets abound the dirty … Continue Reading True Patriot Love