chock full of moments

moments some, you wake up, sweating from some, you shudder, grateful you made it, having escaped, dark places then comes those beautiful consistently stemming from beautiful thought, action a stranger’s benevolent gesture a smile on a stormy day collection of such moments and lessons therein extracted fashion an essence color … Continue Reading chock full of moments

Rescues Me

in forty-eight years beheld, these eyes joy, grief, love, angst, melancholy of widest shades in exhaustive measures external are triggers of delight, woe, adoration yet I know within me stems worry, depression subjugating friendless isolation vexing my most patient friends, family how very bleak it seems till a child’s smile … Continue Reading Rescues Me

An old familiar dream

commanding, scorching sky shielding my sight revealing wide, rolling, dry grasslands striding confidently, startling crickets there, rising from a secluded gully an oasis, a dense copse of trees at the feet of a slender maple a hand on the damp, rich earth comes to me the low, rumbling breeze, trill … Continue Reading An old familiar dream

Wash Over Me

door that opens, water, over my legs flow in this dream I, find home, my home sweet and good and agreeable and insipid as objects pass, memories? notions? wading into colonial style lodgings I question not where, but who and why does this water, clear, warm doe not pass not drain not … Continue Reading Wash Over Me

Duality in the Night

at night, when one’s soul at rest does the troubled, distressed find mars’ brutal skirmishes upon wide plains, steeped canyons maybe a soldier be, broken, bloodied falling upon the ramparts, jolting awake in sweat bathed, heart racing does the principled, kind, patient find fields sunny, breezes fresh old friends, lovers, … Continue Reading Duality in the Night