our ancestors respected their kind domicile Mother Earth’s abundant refuge light, birdsong, their time pieces a morning musk offered forecast rustling leaves identifying the day’s temper animal moments framed seasons of waste nothing of use all then all torn asunder nearly obliterated: language, ritual, spirituality in near total genocide yet … Continue Reading Restoration

True Patriot Love

our home on native lands from The Rock to Haida Gwaii a true, alluring possessing realm to tread the lands one cannot forego bearing tempestuous witness steadfast mountains ethereal Laurentian forests the expansive firmament above endless prairies all magnificence exceeding bounds of human wits beneath its soils assets abound the dirty … Continue Reading True Patriot Love


she in her ever turning days patiently holds us in her warm, kind arms while we, like ADD teenagers striking at every next moment nearsighted reaching knives at our own throats assuming them laurels, while thoroughly, fundamentally believing we are masters of a fragile playground she suffers in silence knowing … Continue Reading Heartbroken