Tag: Faith

Worldly Beget Otherworldly

manipulated earth, stone, pigments manipulating pilgrim and tourist plastered cure for eyes, hearts, souls treasures consumed, treasure still Man’s Faith in Grand Circumspect photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

Stone Prophet

stony silence expressing a thousand words sightless vision, statement of inscribed creeds moral virtue, teaching the unwashed throngs token martyr, likely or unlikely real Photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway

Waken to History

first light bird-song quiet, on stony boulevards Roma first full day 9,000 kilometers from mundane, work-a-day safety’s precinct here, chock-a-block chronicle upon saga via emperor or tyrant aside the holy see silent, stony narrative speaks beneath foot behind glass, illuminating brutality of faith photo…

Inclusion is my Moral Code

If you must perpetuate narrow constraints of: sexual preference manner of dress manner of worship where and how to live whole or partial limbed whole or partial mental abilities if you must begin a sentence with: “I’m not a racist but…” if you must…

Unvarnished Spirituality

expounded by words is not where the spirit has voice ensconced in an edifice is not where the spirit dwells enmeshed in a group or organization is not where the spirit finds leadership exhibited by ritual is not where the spirit parades exclusive to…


in tears because the innocent have to die in this country, theirs, and others in tears because many put gifts above their own happiness their own needs in tears because politicians, like children bicker, squabble, then smiling stand on the wreckage of a once…

Be Kind

bewitching a heart in making kindness plain splintering frowns with forged endearment, lending authentic faith in humanity