When the Heart Breaks

words and actions words and witnessing emotional surface tension ripples buckles, shatters mouthed “O” forms reshapes a quivering  dour smile thrusting daggered breath hoarse, rasping stutter jabbering nonsense then a low growling howl manifesting a singular translucent pearl careening down lines crevasses creases then a trickle stream a river shoulders … Continue Reading When the Heart Breaks

My Substrata is Weakened

bygone cracks lay deep occasionally finding sunlight to be hidden, pasted over with deflections, denial till anew, they reappear ended, they’ll never be but healed, scars, stigma stitched, held by threads of creativity an open heart, and truth, always truth © 2013 by DC Lessoway


as we age how the outlook changes towards life, loss perhaps learned patience contains the once youthful furor perhaps cycles of at-hand experience frames a pallet mottled with joy, grief perhaps we choose, conscious or no to pause, watch, maybe make sense of the spectacle of the unworldly with a smile of woe, perhaps recollection © 2013 … Continue Reading Aging…

The Horrific Crowd

here by choice not forced, nor coerced within a blustery forest of trees in a lingering corner in overstated repose in self-doubt’s deep end a sheen on my skin withered, parched taste widened, darting eyes what am I to say? what am I to contribute to the room’s general knowledge … Continue Reading The Horrific Crowd