It’s been a while since I’ve been on a film set.  And longer since I’ve been behind the camera, directing, editing.  Oh, those were great times, watching the actors bring characters to life, the crew working hard to get the project done, oh to be working in film again.  ‘sigh’  You can see some of my work at my You Tube channel.

Ah, but life took over and had bills to pay.  Looking back, clearly my passion wasn’t strong enough to carry me forward, but the flame still exists.  I am writing and posting scripts on Ink Tip and am fleshing out two series ideas.

Meanwhile, I have been following Vancouver filmmakers and their great work.  One in particular, Michelle Muldoon, is looking for funds for her project Last Stand to Nowhere. While I’ve not had time to get out there and help physically, I decided to donate and help them out.  Please, stop by their indiegogo site and help them get it made!  Thanks!


dc-pic-2 dc-pic-3


it aches in my bones
watching, up there,
wonderful performances
imagery, storytelling
oh to be there, in that moment
emoting along with the actors
the diligent crew, a wound spring
at the ready take after take
but missed most
the wonderful interaction
actor and director and crew and script
collaborative magic!

© 2014 by DC Lessoway