the hardest notion is to see another’s pain, be witness to tears rise, then fall, spattering a dusty floor, till a loam forms, holding true daggers of enriched grief to bear witness to character’s hard hammer upon a majestic kindness shattering old touchstones, transmute the soft, malleable truths into unyielding … Continue Reading Witness

Grief Slides Close, Pinching at the Heart

news of an aunt’s passing summons hand cranked, spotty blurred impressions of my mom nearing eight years gone, how the pigments fade to sepia, how the senses have detached, excepting this son’s ever burning ache of regret poem (c) 2016 by DC Lessoway


Last Monday night, as we were all leaving work, K was making a funny face to us as she drove away. The next morning, warm, sunny, I was driving in and had this flash, this image of K, lying on the floor, receiving chest compressions. I remember shaking it off … Continue Reading Enigmatic

Eggshell Heart

supposedly stout, weathered, having seen anger, joy, bliss and death quick to tear quick to hurt himself long before another enclosed in a barrel chested brute behind hazel eyes, broken man who, grateful for all hurts some days, the scars surreptitious, raw, one upon another stockpiles doleful countenances holding friends, … Continue Reading Eggshell Heart

A Visit With the Dying

a family messaged come, witness a Nation’s elder prepares for ancestor’s fields soon, I hope at liberty finds her soul derailing pain racking her body in grief happy her flight will be © 2014 by DC Lessoway