Being nice doesn’t mean you have to like everyone all the time Being good doesn’t mean your mores have to match those of old texts Being right does mean it is okay to be wrong To be who you is to sometimes be misguided, sometimes blind, sometimes broken To be … Continue Reading Listen

I am fearful

all mediums tell me outside, there, shadows could be, would be terrorists stranger danger but the government’s on it more prisons more rules all to ensue freedom! no matter silly quibbling of elected officials I know the right side I am on the others are just wrong! isn’t it nice … Continue Reading I am fearful

Depression’s Volley

Please read the story of how Canadian Rebecca Marino stepped away from professional tennis. It must have been an agonizing decision to step away from a successful and growing career. Notice I didn’t say ‘fulfilling’. Ms. Marino is a clear example of how, in our expansive human experience, private and … Continue Reading Depression’s Volley

War, Washes Out Good Common Sense

war, the bastard cousin of hate on winged, angry cherubs clutching immense patience out-waits peace for opportunities frequent their crooked tooth smile knowing our weakness our violent propensities brim his fiery chasm unleashing untold griefs upon a scarred landscape © 2012 by DC Lessoway

Be Human, Not Inhuman

If even a few would: Under no circumstances assume someone is, or is not okay. Under no circumstances project their own feelings onto another. Under no circumstances believe they can “fix” someone. Under no circumstances force their opinions, thoughts and beliefs onto another. With complete impunity accept who they are, … Continue Reading Be Human, Not Inhuman