one step finds the other, time in forward passage leave us in want of more jeweled moments, yet how photos, video, all memory replacements, find us wanting, wishing for fragrances, caress, a smile so onward we pace and look up to the heavens for profundity look down to our feet … Continue Reading Onward

Bear of Grief

fringing my consciousness hoary, corpulent, always waiting just outside the door its taunting, laughing growl claws bared, paws raised to strike, indiscriminately I do not give permission I do not open the door to wreak havoc upon my spirit yet unwelcoming it comes splintering the door but far worse concealed … Continue Reading Bear of Grief

Battle On

alone, in your head one must battle hard sort through good, bad must bring to the forefront wise, right and kind expelling foolish, corrupt, cruel not just for a better person be but to bring beauty to the world to scour away the brutal hate so, with clean, clear conscience in peace … Continue Reading Battle On

Time and Place

the stone wobbles on, milling smooth our narrative excessive chaff, semblance of imagery, senses, fall away a remainder, a random accessed cavalcade of ethereal strings we schlep behind us, some wisps, some cruel chains copious are those kind, light, without fail to endow a smile a warm sweater, enveloping comfortable … Continue Reading Time and Place