Being nice doesn’t mean you have to like everyone all the time Being good doesn’t mean your mores have to match those of old texts Being right does mean it is okay to be wrong To be who you is to sometimes be misguided, sometimes blind, sometimes broken To be … Continue Reading Listen

Emotional Olympics

I was asked why do I tear up when I see someone win, or lose, or simply compete at the Olympics? I answered: not because I am a man, a Canadian, but because I am human. Understand, it’s not the race, game, competition being watched; it is the person who sacrificed … Continue Reading Emotional Olympics

Be Human, Not Inhuman

If even a few would: Under no circumstances assume someone is, or is not okay. Under no circumstances project their own feelings onto another. Under no circumstances believe they can “fix” someone. Under no circumstances force their opinions, thoughts and beliefs onto another. With complete impunity accept who they are, … Continue Reading Be Human, Not Inhuman