So in Eagle Ridge Emergency, fell off my bike, may be my ribs, not my point.

So went through the routine: check in, blood pressure check, answer questions, etc.  Anyway, busy, no chairs, so I found a place to stand.  The staff are patient and kind and everyone is also waiting patiently.

But then I found myself within earshot of this older man, clearly in pain, swearing loudly and complaining about having to wait so long to his clearly, if not overly patient wife.  

I tried to ignore for a while, but started to get angry at his rude comments about the staff.  I felt like saying: ‘you whinny little…’ but thought better of it. 

He then started to complain about the Canadian health system.  I heard myself, somewhat audiably, say, ‘it’s free asshole.’  

Thankfully he didn’t hear, but the wife did, I wanted to glare back but could only feel compassion for her.  

Yeah, we got lineups, but really I’d take our system not bankrupting me just for a sliver any day.  

Yeah, I love Canada

if you love

you cannot hate
if you love
you cannot deny your humanity
nor the humanity of others
if you love
you cannot ignore those in need
if you love
you will be open to the plight of
our mother, Earth, in her time of need
if you love
comes it does, two-fold, so we, together

may grasp one another’s hands, in unity

sept 10 2016-bridge 2.jpg

flittering glints on skin
hushed, aside blood’s rush
in the ears, munch of gravel
echoing bird song
reoxygenated, dewy air
ambrosial mix of sap, earth
enlivening, invigorating
weaving, entwining, mingling
freeing the mind to meander
the unvarying past
the rousing moment
the differing future

in this, reflection, contemplation
embrace the undetermined
to trounce change’s dread
seize, possess, acknowledge
who you are, how you look
where and how you subsist
find kindness in each moment
rise to an uncertain future
rise to a greater you

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway


pool-sept 3 2016this, I wish
of brass made
indefatigable matter
void of grief, ache digging
at my bones
perpetually smiling, finding
the light in all things
joyful in company than in
solitude, broadening that
interdependence upon one another
making us greater, stronger beings
generating ramparts against
brutal tsunamis life doles out

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway


moon0ct52012 004

once we were same
molten, bombarded
brimming potential
asunder torn
from chaos born
you know my secrets

once my dizzying vista
seldom kept you in my eye, now
a mournful watch I keep
surely, steadily, slowly
further still, your grasp, waning
you know my fears

eons pass, how you were
ever-shifting, vexed crimson
now a mid-age, peaceful sapphire
while my ashen countenance
pocked, silted, immutable
you know my scars

Photo and Poem © 2016 by DC Lessoway


first light
bird-song quiet, on
stony boulevards

first full day
9,000 kilometers from
mundane, work-a-day
safety’s precinct

here, chock-a-block
chronicle upon saga
via emperor or tyrant
aside the holy see

silent, stony narrative
speaks beneath foot
behind glass, illuminating
brutality of faith

photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway