invited to a friend’s party

comes the butterflies
nerves of a wallflower
at a school dance
again, once more
onto the breach
dear friends
heart and mind
sensitivities and logic
at the door
bombastic welcome
hi and hi and hi and hi
wading a cordial minefield towards
sanctuary of a corner
listen, watch, observe
funny, profound, joyous anecdotes
a few words rejoined
the jaw stony
the wits blustery, oh
an admiring regard
gregarious chums
riotous glee, laughter
unabashed, complete participation
till, till
the alchemy, intoxicants
softens, melts brick
allowing greater participation
a tender balance, as copious
tallies, ushers despair
too little, a corner never
oh a craving, hunger, desire
to partake in
festivities thoroughly
eventually, swamped
inundated, overwhelmed
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
a return to home’s refuge


poem and picture (c) 2015 by DC Lessoway