so often we seek light
where better, grander ideas lay
where a bold Sol grants clarity

still, too, solicit shadowed corners
there, secluded riches await, affixed
mine trauma, release truths, cleanse

light or shadow, when confronted
will whither to your rooted power
bringing luminosity in night, shade in day

photo and poem © 2018 by DC Lessoway


it’s been, always, there
an aspiration to fly, above
Earth’s curve
till azure, turns inky, till
am able to palm the spheroid, till
this ache, fear, isolation are but
remote notions of those
down there
down there
hell we’ve fashioned after
clawing at one another’s eyes
being better at being better than
the other, the other we’ve

photo and poem © DC Lessoway


tides find solace in assured
rhythms, tied to sister moon’s
phases, yoked to Earth’s flight
faithful to Sol’s lineage

comes seasons, enlivening
waking dormant seed, fevered
rest, color eruption
plummeting wintertide

wailing echo, comes a being
cast in culture, kindred, own
potential to build on, take
on time, Earth, society

allotted moments, segments
denoting measure, plodding
hurdling forward, in
viewpoint lies perspective

photo and poem © DC Lessoway


ancestral soil holds firm, rooting a
foundation of loving, vigorous nourishment
the moment you blossom into the world
quivering in the wind, hopeful, joyful
giving breath to a grateful sky
multitudes of seasonal siblings
a chorus in the wind
colouring the world in
shades of vitality, life
then in wisdom’s time, shades
of vibrancy, again colouring a
chilled world, till, in a
graceful, twirling, descending dance
purpose and being fulfilled, to
litter the Earth with sustenance
for future generation’s flourish

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway