Tag: love

She, My World

this beautiful woman my world loves me I am lucky can words describe emotions lancing my heart weakening/strengthening my resolve to be a better man Earth cool, earthen forest bird-song and tittering leaves in waves comes, worry weight of responsibility’s burden sink to the…

It’s About Love

if you love you cannot hate if you love you cannot deny your humanity nor the humanity of others if you love you cannot ignore those in need if you love you will be open to the plight of our mother, Earth, in her…

Paris 2008

remember, strolling ancient streets remember, the first moment, seeing the tower, what a joyous moment to be in the city of lights only a few days after our ‘I do’s’, we did, we loved each turn of the corner, each café each historied doorway,…


all engrossing all engulfing unrequited hunger stumbling towards a stammering peace daggered, piercing denial raging at the heart senses flee, benumbing a weary soul a kiss, perhaps might it quench might it abate the yearning pang photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

The Sol of My World

her grace, her passion brings luminosity to my resident cave, she battles and wins, my distant mind, heart she claims a stake upon the damaged soil of my being bestowing sustenance, laughter a lightness of being, I can not bring about on my own


my breath, caught time’s strident march seconds or hours, lend no aid to define when again I’ll see those eyes of burnt sienna, smile luminous, inviting, till my love, there, on high photo and poem © by dC Lessoway

Her Smile

in ten years since she opened the broken door to my heart, her smile’s never dimmed, always chased gloom away, attracting all the good in the world