In the hours of darkness I am alone, amidst my fragrant cedar curls in a hushed refuge one half my length in width, one and a quarter in length, one half tall. Grimy, salted, worn utensils scattered around me. In this silence my only companions are up in the deepest … Continue Reading Metamorphose

Why I love Movies

Just watched The Descendants… …and that is why I want to make movies, write scenes that cut through the bullshit of our lives and find the truth beneath the surface. To clearly display the hurt, anger, disappointment, disillusionment and the multi-faceted complications we face each day. So an audience member, … Continue Reading Why I love Movies


she in her ever turning days patiently holds us in her warm, kind arms while we, like ADD teenagers striking at every next moment nearsighted reaching knives at our own throats assuming them laurels, while thoroughly, fundamentally believing we are masters of a fragile playground she suffers in silence knowing … Continue Reading Heartbroken