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hidden, midst subdivision’s sprawl, mingling stones scoured by yammering brook a peaceful place photo and poem © DC Lessoway


it comes in, measured beats in sync with mystic rhythms how it proceeds how it laughs at our belief of control, of mastery of things while no more we understand than a moment photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

Old Friends

linking eyes vocal explosions of joy all focus folds into singular embrace speaking all manner of tongues “how’ve you been” “I’ve missed you” from afar heart warming humanity Photo (c) www.wendyd.ca poem (c) DC Lessoway

A Sunny Day’s Walk

at Sol’s pleasure, a venture through spent leaves fallen pleasure in warmth nurturing kindness shapes and shadows natural, unnatural in plain manifest what secret in repose   structures robustly delicate layered in emerald steeled connection transverse waters deep     up there, the top…


chilled, shadowed forest crunching through, noisily so as large, furry creatures know here am I refreshing, kind, the air to this urban kid a whispering stream tumbling, cutting through a mountain’s flank an intruder I be so quickly I sight my query, pray and…