masks of war
victory or death
hurrah! hurrah!
onto crimson plains
go children go
for god and country
au revoir, sayonara, goodbye
auf wiedersehen
till, again we meet on
glorious flaxen fields
for you, in stone, raised
each year call upon
eyes to heaven in gratitude
do soldiers look down
ponder our world, have:
anger at squandered life?
joy in their sacrifice?

photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway


first light
bird-song quiet, on
stony boulevards

first full day
9,000 kilometers from
mundane, work-a-day
safety’s precinct

here, chock-a-block
chronicle upon saga
via emperor or tyrant
aside the holy see

silent, stony narrative
speaks beneath foot
behind glass, illuminating
brutality of faith

photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway


time-worn, re-scripted history
of pagan-christain conviction
petite at the distance
approached with awe, as
columns rise, grow, each
a monolith until itself
base made smooth, in spots, by
laying on of hands
where one could reach
across the centuries, touch
somehow partake, maybe perceive, a
breadth of lost chronicles
war to war to war to war
while she stands as a
sanctuary of peace


step into the rotunda
marbled everything
sculptured with mastery
eternal life, imprisoned in stone
ruler and artist both
entombed as to keep
some narrative alive
strain the neck to find the
all seeing oculus
gaping to the sky
somehow both perfect
and incomplete

photos and poem (c) 2016 by DC Lessoway



swiftly on
nearing 8 years
from 8/8/8
my wretched memory
conjures effortlessly
scents of candles, incense
a fitting tux, warm
doors flung open to
her there, bright-as-the-sun
my pounding heart, streaked cheeks

even distance cannot fade this picture
tears and tears come, joyful

those I do’s, hands clasped
at the heart of friends, family
isle of white, the blur of
dancing till 4 am
on the plane to
City of Lights

we will see you again

photos and poem 2016 by DC Lessoway

dc fade

cherub years came, as
brother’s, sisters comfortably
into their adult lives
sure somewhere there
my father too, further still
friends, some
looking back, my soul
held no sanctuary
excepting reclusively in
my room, yard, travels
far off on my bike
adolescence held no
greater exuberance with
or without company, only
a longing/spurning of
the opposite sex
bringing harrowing storms, gloom, I’d
not weathered previously
blew me into corners
away from school’s maelstrom
when I could avoid it
yet dragged into participating
unable to adapt, reshape, retool
to religiosity, cliques, there I
oblivious to my truth
told, thought, believed
worthlessness, imbecilic, graceless
escape off, to strange lands
metropolis of open worlds
antipode to my small town
to higher leaning, still
grappling with myself
beating back moonless hours
often numbing my body, mind
in burly spirits, as
all around me mastered and
moved on

here thirty years subsequent, have
love, friends, craft, still
struggling with, at war with
that enigmatic foe who
keeps a hulking, shouldering fog
not too far distant
ensuring my mood struggles
to find joy in the everyday

photo and poem by DC Lessoway

linking eyes
vocal explosions of joy
all focus folds
into singular embrace
speaking all
manner of tongues
“how’ve you been”
“I’ve missed you”
from afar
heart warming humanity

Photo (c) poem (c) DC Lessoway

a robust, open heart
isn’t fearful of
saying “I love you”
a robust, open heart
is easily hurt
being imbued with
scars of grief, bliss
a robust, open heart
knows there is an end
to the pain, to the joy
in the end, there is only
a robust, open heart

(c) by DC Lessoway


invited to a friend’s party

comes the butterflies
nerves of a wallflower
at a school dance
again, once more
onto the breach
dear friends
heart and mind
sensitivities and logic
at the door
bombastic welcome
hi and hi and hi and hi
wading a cordial minefield towards
sanctuary of a corner
listen, watch, observe
funny, profound, joyous anecdotes
a few words rejoined
the jaw stony
the wits blustery, oh
an admiring regard
gregarious chums
riotous glee, laughter
unabashed, complete participation
till, till
the alchemy, intoxicants
softens, melts brick
allowing greater participation
a tender balance, as copious
tallies, ushers despair
too little, a corner never
oh a craving, hunger, desire
to partake in
festivities thoroughly
eventually, swamped
inundated, overwhelmed
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
a return to home’s refuge


poem and picture (c) 2015 by DC Lessoway