Tag: Rome

Build Forth!

whip and lash and sweat horse, man and master meshing cogs in action building, fashioning, shaping stone, timber, rope bone, flesh and brawn Photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway

Winter’s Imperium

benumbed, betrothed, gracious desiring vigor in mastery over sentimentality, while exemplifying the play of dominion above our heads, yet human be none the less photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway

Morning March

Strolling mythical lanes before citizens waken my singular step echoes hastening my mind to ponder visualize, conjure throngs of foot soldiers in rank and file, anticipating battle sweat and leather and dusty sandals sharpened swords, lances, shield, behind their families weep, wonder in months,…

Heaven’s Empyrean

of straining one’s neck to view of gilt and persistence of detail and industry of commitment upon high of seeing heavenly reward of religiosity of failing to influence of superficial construct Photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway

Pontifical Academy of Fine Arts and Letters of the Virtuosi al Pantheon

encapsulated rotund construction built upon pagan consecrated rock swapped to the cross millennia ago artisans crafting stone, edifice, thought they anointed, appointed dal papa Photo and poem (c) DC Lessoway

Vibrant History Just Beyond Reach

humanity’s ceaseless swarm saunter, carouse, pause deepens stony paths adding less history than innumerable, vivid, representations each a still-life, moment, a we where there kept distant in memory close in heart photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway

Waken to History

first light bird-song quiet, on stony boulevards Roma first full day 9,000 kilometers from mundane, work-a-day safety’s precinct here, chock-a-block chronicle upon saga via emperor or tyrant aside the holy see silent, stony narrative speaks beneath foot behind glass, illuminating brutality of faith photo…