as we age how the outlook changes towards life, loss perhaps learned patience contains the once youthful furor perhaps cycles of at-hand experience frames a pallet mottled with joy, grief perhaps we choose, conscious or no to pause, watch, maybe make sense of the spectacle of the unworldly with a smile of woe, perhaps recollection © 2013 … Continue Reading Aging…

Aboriginal Day

first a human being I befragile this flesh and boneof thought, intention, exertionsustenance and atmospheredriving mechanisms of composite chemicals and uproar then Metis coalesces my bloodupon my shoulder, since birtha braided sash of red, blue, white, green and blackfinally finds the sun, my hearthidden, too too long finally a citizen … Continue Reading Aboriginal Day


one step finds the other, time in forward passage leave us in want of more jeweled moments, yet how photos, video, all memory replacements, find us wanting, wishing for fragrances, caress, a smile so onward we pace and look up to the heavens for profundity look down to our feet … Continue Reading Onward

Duality in the Night

at night, when one’s soul at rest does the troubled, distressed find mars’ brutal skirmishes upon wide plains, steeped canyons maybe a soldier be, broken, bloodied falling upon the ramparts, jolting awake in sweat bathed, heart racing does the principled, kind, patient find fields sunny, breezes fresh old friends, lovers, … Continue Reading Duality in the Night

Battle On

alone, in your head one must battle hard sort through good, bad must bring to the forefront wise, right and kind expelling foolish, corrupt, cruel not just for a better person be but to bring beauty to the world to scour away the brutal hate so, with clean, clear conscience in peace … Continue Reading Battle On


distance doth never diminishes my faulty heart’s nutriment, for this heart’s domicile resides one part within the bounds of my emotive soul the other sheltered warmly ensconced in safe refuge your kind soul

Drops from my Hand

I cast down the pen utilized to scrape the walls of my soul at my feet lay bundles of forlorn phrases melding with sadness as the irony rises alongside joy I feel satisfied I selected truest words