sept 4 2016-wing-vshaped by faith and chisel
affixed, strong to the squall, my power
majestic resilience, my people
perhaps, looked to me for inspiration
perhaps, sought my advice before
battle, I’ll not say

sept 4 2016-wing-v-2carted off, so far away, vanquished
out of place in becalmed walls
at my feet gaggles, snapping memories
while I yearn for elements
I can not shed tears, nor caress
my beloved people

photos and poem © by DC Lessoway

paris-2008-02 (1)our adult heart assembles
none too lightly, mores, edicts, decrees
imposing justifications for
tears, longing, craving, hunger
wrapped in a dichotomy of
detachment, aloofness, benumbed want

while a child’s heart, warms, calms
imbues joy, laughter, calm to
the most beastly soul, so to
re-attain your child’s heart within
is to find peace in grievous war
attaining a greater self

picture and poem © by DC Lessoway

paris-2008-19compared to tyrants
the brutal, iron fist dreaded
compared to generals
great conquering armies lead
compared to artists magnificent
whose works, since antiquity enlighten
compared to the uncommon human
changing the world, block by block
but a blip am I, standing in mere shadows of
shadows, of shadows, tourist to muted history
but a blip am I, believing I can, I will
change the world in my way

Photo and Poem (c) by DC Lessoway