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Lower Countries

shivering, wet winter’s rippling, sharp gale sheep graze, as I gaze watching, wondering imagining life, here place of reclamation, of old masters, new impressionists quiet life, here, wide fields lined traced, in water photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

Muggy, Day’s Break

sandy reverie, aside a calmed sea, muted, salted breeze cleanses reason, churns away troubles, responsibility distant, indistinct lies home, as here, apart from reality, is peace poem and photo © DC Lessoway


as a tourist Venice her tranquility, alit upon my soul no car nor truck apart from boat motors, church bells gondoliers’ bawdy songs aching feet led many adventure through her stony labyrinth blotted sun, constricting walls: lost reaching water: found magnificence of her cathedrals…

Fields of Life

gift of gods and soil worn hands tended by hand and mule, since ages long past recollection germination to fermentation vino’s untold generations soothing ache and joy both poem and picture © DC Lessoway


my breath, caught time’s strident march seconds or hours, lend no aid to define when again I’ll see those eyes of burnt sienna, smile luminous, inviting, till my love, there, on high photo and poem © by dC Lessoway

Keawakapu Beach, Maui

open the door to a benign, muggy cloak pattering of sequestered gecko ceaseless hymns of wave, Myna and Finch crowing roosters at large tour birds of paradise lush, coral ginger milky plumeria, red hibiscus aloha issued from slender palms mesmerizing splendor contemplate West Maui…

Tuscan Heart

terraces gathered, impassioned upon the other ever higher sent in stone, blood, circumstance footfall worn, bruised, beaten strengthened by ever-lusting rulers till long-lasting peace wrought crumbling walls, letting all in photo and poem (c) DC Lessoway