nearing 10 years, already

ups, downs, the gruelling

the heartbreaking, the blissful

companion, travel mate, friend

my intimate confidant

through turbulent change

smooth waters

smiles in her challenges

makes me laugh

shoos away my gloom

in her arms today

as the day this was taken

the world, the callous, brazen place

fades away

Photo by Wendy D
Poem by DC Lessoway

mim-19.jpgthis beautiful woman
my world
loves me
I am lucky
can words
describe emotions
lancing my heart
weakening/strengthening my resolve
to be a better man


cool, earthen forest
bird-song and tittering leaves
in waves comes, worry
weight of responsibility’s burden
sink to the earth, weary
her hand lifts my heart
her wide smile brings the sun
gives me strength to
keep on


intimacy, adoration, togetherness
has a strength, a flow
through demanding moments
past life’s stony ramparts
time and again, returning
to the peace of our love


breath of the world
brings us life, fills
our lungs, gives voice
to the silence
to what’s inside
our truth residing
in our hearts


passion, zeal, spirit, all fuel
infatuation, amore, devotion
bases of human interconnectedness
keeping our lives luminous
in our self-imposed caves
that spark, moment, she
stepped into my heart
gave flame to a candle
I thought extinguished
shepherding a kind light
in my dismal mind
I am grateful for
her hand, her love
her voice, her smile
how the fire now
warms my heart


photo and poems © DC Lessoway

Ah... Paris

how affection, adoration, captivation
rouses a deep-seated passion
how the walls, street, the very air
appears aflame
in love’s conflagration
seemingly unending

onward ticks of moments
and days and weeks and years
the flame, petite, yet robust
settles alongside
a sturdy woodland
a bottomless reservoir
shelter from life’s hurricane

picture and poem © 2014 by DC Lessoway