that blue sky
against white, bare
branches of slumbering trees
uncommon silence, except
squeaking footfall, marking
those before, the air, unsullied
carrying no scent, fresh
as glints, twinkling crystals
blind me, memory’s avalanche
of youth’s vigor, at play
in blanched fields
benumbed joy, ice-bound there
in the murk of memory, comes
comes, comes, warmly

Photo and Poem © 2018 by DC Lessoway

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 12.07.36 PM
Jody Quine from the Georgia Straight article (on-line)

Just found out my friend Jody Quine was featured in an article from the on-line version of Vancouver’s Georgia Straight (click here to see the article).

Two weeks ago Jody Quine and I got together to shot a video for her song “Go On” from her recent album “Stand Up”.   You can click here to see the video.  It was a labour of love.  Especially as I too suffer from depression and in working on this song, it really helped me though a bout of darkness I had been experiencing.  I am grateful to Jody for putting her trust in me to shoot the video for her.




Imagine, a scorching, humid
summer on the coast:

red cedar, hemlock, maple
massive structures the
millennial witnesses
blotting out Sol’s warmth
fragrant, bountiful terrain
below on forest floor
home, life, lungs to earth, air, sea

steel concrete, money, glass
massive structures the
millennium witnesses
blotting out Sol’s warmth
noxious, bountiful landscape
below, plain, spoiled streets
home, life, end to earth, air sea

picture and poem (c) by DC Lessoway