in tears because the innocent have to die in this country, theirs, and others in tears because many put gifts above their own happiness their own needs in tears because politicians, like children bicker, squabble, then smiling stand on the wreckage of a once beautiful country In tears because Aboriginal … Continue Reading Shed

War, Washes Out Good Common Sense

war, the bastard cousin of hate on winged, angry cherubs clutching immense patience out-waits peace for opportunities frequent their crooked tooth smile knowing our weakness our violent propensities brim his fiery chasm unleashing untold griefs upon a scarred landscape © 2012 by DC Lessoway

Be Human, Not Inhuman

If even a few would: Under no circumstances assume someone is, or is not okay. Under no circumstances project their own feelings onto another. Under no circumstances believe they can “fix” someone. Under no circumstances force their opinions, thoughts and beliefs onto another. With complete impunity accept who they are, … Continue Reading Be Human, Not Inhuman


What is war but a precept of a fool who think he a greater being