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so often we seek light where better, grander ideas lay where a bold Sol grants clarity still, too, solicit shadowed corners there, secluded riches await, affixed mine trauma, release truths, cleanse light or shadow, when confronted will whither to your rooted power bringing luminosity…

Wind and Crickets (Short Story)

Ah, there it comes. That aghast look. This time from a gaggle of my younger, hipper, nieces and nephews. A chuckle finds my lips when they say, looking at me like I was crazy I hadn’t thought of it at the time: “Why didn’t…

Yeah, it Hurts, I’ll get Over it, Again

low ebb comes, again my sword, shield against dragging hurt, out of reach comes cyclical thoughts not good enough, not good enough not good enough, not good enough not good enough, not good enough till comes a realization, late, so always late like a…

Dance Hall

salt stained boards long ago trod, in joy, fused with music laughter leading to love’s caper in summer’s night dream photo and poem © DC Lessoway

Plain Sight

A Pen’s Respite

hardened, the ground, here perhaps, the spade, dull can’t mine, unearth truths, illuminating hurt, ache, worry, till releasing anxiety a soothing liberation finds a deep longing of a vague, fleeting, peace photo and poem © by DC Lessoway


writing finds my soul perhaps… writing defines my soul creating worlds, delving into human conditions, scripts poetry, novel, plays, all there started, 1st-9th drafts, completed waiting for final cuts…   I’ve not written for a while work and life, burdens of time roll onward,…