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This Island Promotional Materials


Trailer for This Island



Two Music Videos
both directed/edited by DC Lessoway)
from This Island:

Land of Deborah’s “Whispering”


“To Be Frank” by Jody Quine
(who has the role of Lisa in the film)



Interview with the Director:
(Click here to see his reel)



This Island Poster:


Photos from the Film


About the Film
An improvised film about Daniel Robertson, 28, a lonely man, seldom talks. Home to work, to the café and hiking on weekends. Repeat. No relationships, no connections, no complications. Then, a phone call, his father died in prison and the old nightmares come. Nightmares from the memories of a night when he was 12, witnessing his mother’s death at the hands of his father. A chance meeting brings a possible love, his father’s funeral brings new family, the loss of a job sends him crashing down. Only a woman’s persistence helps him break from the isolation.

This is a self-funded, improvised film, no script, story and the actors worked hard in rehearsals to bring out the story. As for the edit, we played with the colour and sound to create a space, give life to specific objects. Someone said, at the start, the sound is muddy… it’s meant to be! This character is drowning in his lonely life, but are clearer days coming?



Cast (in order of appearance):
Kyal Scott – Daniel (Dan) Mitchel/Robertson
Abby de Forest – Café Waitress
Benjam Tryon – Bartender
Martin Thomson – Gerald Mitchell
Jody Quine – Lisa
Mariko Zamani – Rachel Chan
Don Loeppky – Funeral Guest
Shawn Major – Frank T. James
Jennifer Kaleta – Nadine Paquet
Vanessa Gibeau – Ida Mitchell
Mirella Gibeau – Julie Robertson

Director/Editor/Executive Producer
DC Lessoway

Priyanka Desai
DC Lessoway

Priyanka Desai
Shawn Major

Director of Photography
Trevor Tablotney

Ryan Luth

Production Manager
Carrie Osborn

Makeup Artists
Marina Smith, Key Make Up
Sussanne Hardy
Christian Parsons

On Set Sound
Willy Irawan

Sound Edit
Nick Tyzio

Daniel Howard

Camera Operators
Shawn Major
John Molnar

Props/Set Dec
Shawn Major
Shona Wass

Marko Hohlbein

Script Supervisor/Continuity
Kevin Starnino

Background Camera Operator
Sac-Nicte Garcia

Production Assistants
Jeremie Azencot
Christian Parsons
Shona Wass

Shawn Major

Marina Markarian

Land of Deborah
Jody Quine

Special Thanks to:
Shawn, Priyanka and Trevor going beyond the call of duty
and for believing
Benjam Tryon for the use of What’s Up Hot Dog
Carrie Hunter for the last minute house location – life saver!
The Green Thumb Theatre for the rehearsal space
Busters Towing for van storage

Set Insurance
Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc.

GearBase Cameras Rentals
Filmgear Canada Lighting and Grip


Nominations and Awards

This Island is the first trailer in their 2nd list of trailer:
for the Chambal International Film Festival, Season 3, 2020: The link of the trailers – 2

CIFF Laurel 2020

Canadian Cinematography AWARDS-finalist-white

AWARD WINNER - Hollywood Sun Awards - BEST ACTOR 2019

Nominated for Best Short Film – Romford Film Festival



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